National Power Training Institute
NPTI-Southern Region, Block-14, Neyveli, Tamilnadu


NPTI (SR) is having the state of the art infrastructure needed for the Training Institute. The infrastructure is continuously updated


The Institute is having spacious classrooms including FOUR Air Conditioned class rooms which can accommodate from 20 to 60 participants. The classrooms are designed and provided with furniture and seating arrangement to make the trainees comfortable while attending the lectures. All the classrooms are provided with modern audiovisual amenities such as LCD projection system etc.


This Institute is having a completely wood paneled fully air conditioned well furnished conference hall for conducting meetings and short term training programs for higher echelons of the industry. The conference hall can accommodate 30 participants.


The Institute is also having fully air-conditioned Auditorium with seating capacity of 100. The Auditorium is having a stage for conducting the events and attached green rooms. Audio systems are also available.


From the inception of the Institute, greater importance is given to the development of the Institute Library. The Library is mainly devoted for technical books related to power industry. The Library is having more than 5000 numbers of technical books. In addition more than 70 O&M manuals of different Power stations are also available. The Institute Library subscribes for about 20 Indian and Foreign technical journals. The back issues of the Technical Journals of the past three decades are neatly preserved for reference. The Library is also having computerized catalogue.


It is essential in any training program to achieve the necessary impact, the training has to be supported by Audiovisuals. NPTI (SR) is always giving importance for the extensive use of Audiovisuals in the training programs and the type of audiovisual are updated with the various developments. The use of transparency followed by slides is now been replaced with compact disk. The institute is having a good number of 16-mm films and video films on various topics. The institute also owns the complete set of audiovisual packages (slide tape) developed by BHEL on Power Boilers. As a latest addition the Institute is having more than 30 in house developed computer based training packages. These CBTs are used as self-learning training kits to augment the formal training imparted.


The Institute’s computer centre is having 40 personnel computers with multimedia facilities. A number of application oriented training software are also available especially for conducting power system training. The participants of various training programs, for using the self-learning CBT packages, use computer Lab. The institute is also having Internet facility to all terminals through high speed Broad band connectivity & LAN.


To provide hands on practical training the Institute is having workshop and laboratories with various gadgets and tools and plants.


The Mechanical Workshop provides facility for conducting training program on maintenance of valves and pumps as well bearings and shaft alignment. Various types of Pumps, Valves of different sizes, cut sections of difference types of Valves, test rigs, lapping tools, Hydraulic testing equipment, oil baths, induction heating equipment, kurtosis meter, bearing pullers, vibration analyzer, laser alignment kit and all types of tools are available. To support the mechanical Workshop there is a machine tool shop having lathes, drilling machine, milling machine, cutters etc. and two numbers of reciprocating compressors.


This is used for providing hands on practical training on maintenance of motors, transformers, switchgears, relays, and batteries. Various types of motors, transformers, switchgears, both newly purchased, used ones obtained from power stations are available for both demonstration as well maintenance by the participants. All necessary meters, instruments, testing kids, tools etc. necessary for maintenance of electrical installations are also available.

A major attraction in the Electrical laboratory is the Numerical Relay testing facility where Motor, Generator, Transformer and Transmission line protection tests can be conducted.


Facility available for testing and calibration of valves, pressure gauges and thermocouples. Electric and pneumatic transmitters are available for demonstration and conducting practical training. Also actuators of both electrical and pneumatic type available. This lab also has various instruments required for conducting energy audit test in Thermal Power Plant.


Auto Control is a fast developing area and a vital part of any process industry and this is the area where many needs training. To provide facility for that the Institute Auto Control Lab. is provided with state of the art Auto Control loops. PC based digital system, control simulator etc. The trainees are given practical training in calibration and tuning of various control loops both electronic and pneumatic.


Since Neyveli is an industrial township and not much of private accommodation is available the Institute tries to provide accommodation for all the participants attending the various training programs in the Institute’s hostel. The Institute is having 4 blocks of Hostels including an Executive Hostel where about 200 persons can be accommodated. Facilities are also available for accommodating the women trainees. There are both single and double bedrooms. Few rooms are also having attached bath facilities. The hostel rooms are furnished with cot, table, chair, cupboard, fan etc. The hostel is also having hygienic multi cuisine mess to cater the inmates of the hostel.
The Executive Hostel is the latest addition with 32 double bedded bath attached spacious rooms provided with premium furniture for accommodating serving executives when deputed for training.


For the trainees staying in the campus to spend their off time the Institute provides number of recreation facilities both indoor and outdoor. There is an exclusive recreation building containing table tennis, carom etc. Playgrounds are available for Volleyball cricket etc. Each hostel block is provided with television with cable connection. A good number of newspapers and magazines are also procured for the hostels.


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