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Energy Conservation and Energy Audit

Potential areas in the Power Industries for energy saving; Energy Saving methods with typical examples and exercises for power stations; Ways to minimise losses in power transmission & distribution system; Better use of electrical energy; Proper storage and use of fuel; Waste Heat areas and their utilisation; Co-generation techniques for power industries.

1 week

Engineers with 3-4 years experience in Thermal  Power Stations.


Energy Audit & Demand side Management in Power Utilities

Energy Scenario in the country and scope of Energy conservation; Energy Losses-An Integrated optimal strategy for reduction of T&D Losses; Demand Forecasting techniques; EMS & LMS and Role of Energy Managers; DSM Techniques; DSM Methodologies; DSM through Loss Reduction in Primary and Secondary Distribution System; Need for Energy Audit and Audit Procedures; Energy Audit – Macro Level & Micro Level; HT-Metering & Metering Technique.

1 week

Engineers with 3-4 years experience in Thermal Power Stations


Thermal Power Plant Commissioning

Various requisites for carrying out commissioning activities; Sequence of commissioning process for thermal power stations; Safety considerations in commissioning; Concept of computer application and necessary data collection during the commissioning activities.; Commissioning of service system like auxiliaries power supply, water etc.; Commissioning of electrical and C&I systems and its equipment’s;  Commissioning process of equips and systems connected with boiler, turbine, generator and their auxiliaries; Problems connected with commissioning activities and their ratification.; Acceptance test and commissioning reports.

1 week

Graduate Engineers having 3-4 years experience in Thermal Power Stations.


Efficiency & Performance Monitoring

Steam cycle theory and optimization; To identify and record the factors and data needed for monitoring efficiency and performance;  Analysis of the performance of different systems and equipments like station heat balance, mill performance, condenser performance, feed heaters performance, boiler efficiency, turbine efficiency etc.; Correlation among different systems and their effect on performance; Application of computer for performance calculation and analysis; Improvement of plant availability through efficiency and performance monitoring ; Plant on-job/practicals.

1 week

Power Station Engineers having 2-3 years experience in Operation and Maintenance.


Thermal Power Station Operation

Power Station Schemes; Boiler and Turbine controls; Excitation Systems and AVR; Cold, Warm and hot start-ups; Steam Turbine governing and protection systems, trouble shooting; Boiler, Turbine, Generator and Integrated unit operation under normal and emergency and safety; Performance monitoring; Duties and responsibilities of operation engineers.

2 weeks

Engineers having 1-2 years experience in Thermal Power Stations.


Fluidised Bed Combustion Boilers  

Overview of FBC technology boilers in India, trends and development; Working principle and classification; Description of CFBC boiler; its components and systems; Operating procedure, efficiency and performance monitoring; Revamping/Repowering polluting PC fired boilers with FBC technology; Operating  experiences and Case Studies.

1 week

Engineers working in Thermal Power Plants and allied industries.


Gas Turbine & CCPP-Refresher Course

Philosophy of Gas Turbine and Combined Cycle Power Plant; Fuel Options; Waste Heat Recovery Boiler; Steam Turbine and associated auxiliaries; Operational aspects and efficiency; Visit to modern Combined Cycle Power Plant; Case Studies.

1 week

Engineers working in Gas Turbine & Combined Cycle Power Plants in the field of design, erection, commissioning and operation & maintenance.


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